System Biology Initiative (SBI) hosts podcast launch featuring Prof. Stuart Firestein

Sophia Deng (CC 26’)
James Bole Pan (CC 24’)
November 14, 2023

The System Biology Initiative (SBI), an undergraduate student organization at Columbia University, hosted a podcast launch event on November 9, 2023, featuring Professor Stuart J. Firestein as the guest speaker. Prof. Firestein, Professor of Biological Sciences at Columbia University, is the former chair of the Department of Biological Sciences and is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He appeared in the latest episode of SBI's podcast channel, "Columbia Bio Bytes."

At the live event, hosted by Sophia Deng, a sophomore at Columbia College, Professor Firestein shared insights into his research on the vertebrate olfactory system. He discussed the intriguing questions in the field of olfaction, including those arising from the COVID-19 pandemic's implications.

The event also featured a discussion on public engagement in science and the system of scientific education. Prof. Firestein spoke about his seminar class titled "Ignorance," where he invites scientists to discuss what they don't know, often leading to explanations in more understandable terms.

SBI produces two podcast series, "Bio Bytes" and "BioWorks." "Bio Bytes" features prominent scientists working at the intersection of Biology, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, and Mathematics from Columbia and beyond. "BioWorks" focuses on discussions related to life science-related business, investing, and policy.

The System Biology Initiative focuses on the field of systems biology, an interdisciplinary area combining medicine, biological research, engineering, and computer science.

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