M.A. in Biotechnology Program - Overview

The MA in Biotechnology Program trains students in modern aspects of molecular biology and stem cell biology with a particular emphasis on approaches used to study and develop therapeutics for human disease. The program provides students with advanced scientific education and prepares them scientifically for diverse careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. These careers include:

  • Research science positions in laboratories applying biotechnology to problems in medicine and industry
  • Careers in the regulation of drug approval and in conducting clinical trials 
  • Entry into project management positions in the biotechnology industry
  • Positions within companies consulting or investing in biotechnology, life sciences and/or healthcare
  • Support of law firms working with clients in biotechnology

The program is intended for students who would like a career in biotechnology without making the 5-7 year commitment to attain a Ph.D. The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries are among the largest in the U.S. and there is a great demand for professionals with biotechnology expertise. 

Thirty (30) points of coursework plus a Master's thesis are required for the MA in Biotechnology.  The MA thesis may be a review of a scientific topic in biotechnology chosen with the help of a faculty thesis mentor.  Practical Training in either Supervised Research in a laboratory or Supervised Internship in a biotech-focused company gives invaluable experience that helps students refine their career goal(s).  Elective courses (at least five) are selected according to the student’s specific interests to customize the program. The program can be completed by full-time students in 1 year including the summer semester or at a reduced pace by part-time students.