Current Semester Courses

For more information on courses by semester, please see "Biological Sciences" in the CU Directory of Classes.

Please note that the following course number guidelines when selecting your courses: 

  • Undergraduate only courses - UN prefix:
    • 1000's: Introductory course
    • 2000's: Intermediate course
    • 3000's: Advanced course
  • Joint undergraduate and graduate courses - GU prefix: 
    • 4000's: Advanced courses geared toward undergraduate students available to graduate students or geared toward both undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Depending on your program, please consult your DGS or the student handbook for your program to see if a GU4000 course counts toward your requirements. 
  • Graduate courses - GR prefix: 
    • 5000's: Master's only courses
    • 6000's: PhD level courses
    • 9000's: Independent Study

There are no courses available with the provided criteria.