Cancer and Disease Biology

The research groups working in the area of cancer and disease biology and studying how fundamental biological processes go awry during disease mechanisms, including numerous cancers. These  insights can lead to new biomarkers and diagnostic tests for early and more accurate testing of diseases, subdivision of disease states into more relevant classes, and discovery of new therapeutic approaches to disease. In some cases, the study of disease processes can result in discovery of new fundamental biology. The faculty members in this research area work on a variety of model systems using diverse technologies and collaborate with other groups, centers, and institutes across the University. 

Research Groups

Manley Lab

Regulation of mRNA synthesis in animal cells

Prives lab

Structure & function of the p53 tumor suppressor protein

Prywes lab

Growth factor regulation of gene expression

Stockwell lab

Diagramming disease networks with chemical and biological tools

Tavaré lab

Computational cancer genomics, including statistical and stochastic methods for understanding tumor heterogeneity and cancer evolution

Tavazoie Lab

Principles of cellular adaptation



A silhouette of a human body stands in front of images of cells, proteins, and structures.

Affiliated Faculty