Prospective Students

Who Should Apply? 

Research Career in Biotechnology

Anyone interested in becoming a research scientist in biotechnology will benefit from this program. The program covers basic and advanced aspects of biotechnology and allows students to start careers in research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Moderate Biology Background: 

Students with a moderate biology background have the opportunity to extend their coursework in biotechnology and biological sciences and continue in these fields.

Further Studies: 

Students interested in graduate research (doctoral) programs, medical school, and law school are able to explore the impact of recent advances on the biotechnology field while strengthening their prospects for admission to top programs of study.

Regulatory Affairs: 

Those interested in regulatory affairs and management in the biotechnology industry are able to gain a firm scientific background.

Management, Investment, and Patent Law: 

Professionals in management, investment, or patent law in the biotechnology industry are able to extend their knowledge of the science behind this industry, enabling them to make better decisions regarding this rapidly developing technology.