M.A. Admissions

Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree in biology or a related field. Applicants with a significant background in biology and chemistry, but who have majored in other fields will be considered. However, we require applicants to have taken no less than 4 biology courses, if they do not possess a degree in biology or a related field, in order to be considered a legitimate candidate for admission. Students will be selected for admission based on their academic background as evidenced in grades, recommendations letters, and adequate relevant science expertise. 

The deadline each year is March 1st. 
The Admissions Committee begins looking at applications in March and will make notifications of decisions from late March through mid May. 


Application Requirements: 

  1. GRE scores are required.
  2. Three letters of recommendation (professor / research supervisor / employer, etc.)
  3. Transcripts from all post secondary educational institutions, including non-degreed programs
  4. Statement of academic purpose
  5. TOEFL scores for applicants whose first language is not English, unless you received a Bachelor's degree from an American institution