The focus of the curriculum is the basic principles of biotechnology and how these can be applied effectively to advance our scientific understanding. The use of biotechnology to fight disease will be emphasized. 

Click for a list of  pre-approved courses.

If there is an appropriate new elective that is not in this list of approved courses, please contact the Program Director for approval. A qualified elective course must be at the graduate level (4000 or higher) and must be related to some aspect of biotechnology. Always check the Directory of Classes for further information including availability, updated dates, times, location, or other enrollment restrictions. 

Core Courses 

Three core courses are required for all students in the program:

  1. BIOL GU4034  Biotechnology (Fall)
  2. BIOL GU4300  Drugs & Disease (Fall)
  3. BIOL GU4305  Seminar in Biotechnology (Spring)

Elective Courses

Students will also choose five courses from over numerous potential electives relevant to modern biotechnology. The science electives will include courses, such as those in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, neurobiology, genetics, developmental biology, immunology and cancer research. A small sample of electives offered include: 

Biotechnology Program-Specific Electives

  • BIOT GU4180  Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology (Fall)
  • BIOT GU4160  Biotechnology Law (Fall)
  • BIOT GU4200  Biopharmaceutical Development & Regulation (Fall)
  • ===================================
  • BIOT GU4161  Ethics in Biotechnology Patent Law (Spring)
  • BIOT GU4201  Seminar in Biotechnology Development & Regulation (Spring)
  • BIOT GR5170  Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Management Principles (Spring)

Science-Focused Electives

  • BIOL GU4004  Neurobiology I - Cellular & Molecular (Fall)
  • BIOL GU4088  Seminar in Neurobiochemistry & Neurology (Fall)
  • BIOL GU4323  Biophysical Chemistry I
  • BIOL GU4402  Biological Image Computing (Fall)
  • BIOC GU4501  Biochemistry I (Fall)
  • BIOL GR5041  Cell Biology (Fall)
  • BIOL GR5073  Cellular & Molecular Immunology (Fall)
  • ===================================
  • BIOL GU4290  Biological Microscopy (Spring)
  • BIOL GU4310  Virology (Spring)
  • BIOC GU4512  Molecular Biology (Spring)
  • BIOC GU4551  A Structural View of Biology (Spring)
  • BIOL GU4777  From Curiosity to Cure - Case Studies (Spring)
  • BIOL GU4799  Molecular Biology of Cancer (Spring)
  • BIOL GR5031  Genetics (Spring)
  • BIOL GR5193  Stem Cell Biology & Applications (Spring)

See the above link to pre-approved courses for a complete this of the elective courses offered.

These courses listed above are already approved for Program credit, but students must satisfy the prerequisites to be eligible for enrollment in these courses.  Check with the professor and the department offering the courses to see if the prerequisites set forth by them are met.  Many electives are available in other science departments and other schools than GSAS (e.g., Mailman, SEAS, CBS).  Taking courses from schools other than GSAS may require cross-registration (XR) and additional permissions from different sources.