New Study co-authored by Dr. Brent Stockwell Offers Insight into How COVID-19 Affects the Lungs

May 22, 2024

A new paper in Nature Communications co-authored by Dr. Brent Stockwell illuminates the links between a type of cell death known as ferroptosis and COVID19 lung disease.As Columbia News reports:

"In some severe cases of COVID-19, the lungs undergo extreme damage, resulting in a range of life-threatening conditions like pneumonia, inflammation, and acute respiratory distress syndrome. The root cause of those wide-ranging reactions in the lungs has until now remained unclear. 

new study by researchers at Columbia and the Columbia University Irving Medical Center sheds light on this mystery. The study found that ferroptosis, a form of cell death first named and identified at Columbia in 2012, is the major cell death mechanism that underlies COVID-19 lung disease. The finding indicates that deliberately halting ferroptosis with therapeutic drug candidates could improve COVID-19 outcomes."

Read the full Columbia News article about this study and its implications here.