Lead Teaching Fellows

Biological Sciences Lead Teaching Fellows

Lead teaching fellows serve as liaisons between their home departments and the Center for Teaching and Learning. They help to promote pedagogical practices and discussion within their department by hosting workshops, participating in discussions, and distributing opportunities to learn more about best teaching practices. In the Biological Sciences program, LTFs have run workshops discussing how to present you research to different audiences, promoting teaching opportunities beyond TA positions, best practices for virtual teaching, and more. Check below for links to CTL information, teaching resources, past and future events, and how to contact us. 


CTL resources for students:

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Teaching development pathways


Teaching resources:

Lessons from the Socially Distant Classroom; Best practices for Virtual Teaching (Log in with Columbia UNI)

External Teaching and Mentoring opportunities


LTF events:

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Past events:

Face to Screen to face: effective online teaching practices – Fall 2020

All past Biological Sciences LTF events and materials


Current LTF 2021-2022

Kirit Limperis

Eliza Jaeger

Previous LTFs 2020-2021

Andrew Liebau (2020-21)

Justin Shaffer (2020-21)

Anne Van Vlimmeran (2021-22)