Zhengyuan Lu

Zhengyuan Lu

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Previous Institution: Peking University

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Originally from Anqing, China, I completed my undergraduate studies at Peking University where I majored in Biomedical Engineering. During my time there, I found myself more interested in biological sciences than engineering. I joined Dr. Heping (Peace) Cheng’s Lab to study mitochondrial flash (“mitoflash”) in different cell types and similar dynamic signals of cell membrane in E. coli. I also spent one summer in Pecot Lab at Harvard Medical School, where I studied molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic layer specificity in the Drosophila visual system.

For my PhD, I primarily want to study neurobiology but I am also open to other fields like cancer. My interests in "neuro" range widely from neural circuit development, to learning and memory, to neurodegenerative diseases. I think the brain is so amazing and I would love to know more about it. During my rotation, I hope to explore some different topics and learn some new techniques which I may apply to my future research.