Varun Hosangadi

Varun Hosangadi

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As a microbiologist, my research experience so far has largely revolved around bacteria. Over the course of my BSc and MSc from the University of Mumbai, my research has covered various aspects of microbiology. I have studied bioactive phytochemicals in a medical context, environmental factors affecting microbial growth, and potential pathways of pathogenic contamination in food and water. More recently, as part of a transition to more infectious disease centric research, I also worked on biofilms (which are implicated in up to 80% of all bacterial infections!), and diagnostic genomics for drug resistant tuberculosis and bacterial sepsis.

At Columbia, I am looking forward to exploring exciting new science in a close-knit and supportive program!

Outside of science, I like playing soccer, tennis, and video games. I also like hiking, cooking, singing, and playing my guitar, and I am excited to explore New York City and all it has to offer!