Maria Antonietta Tosches

Maria Antonietta Tosches

Research Interest

Short Research Description

Evolution of cell types and circuits in the vertebrate brain.

Representative Publications

Woych J*, Ortega Gurrola A*, Deryckere A*, Jaeger ECB*, Gumnit E*, Merello G, Gu J, Joven Araus A, Leigh ND, Yun M, Simon A, Tosches MA. (2022) Cell-type profiling in salamanders identifies innovations in vertebrate forebrain evolution
Science 377 (6610):1063

Hain D*, Gallego-Flores T*, Klinkmann M, Macias A, Ciirdaeva E, Arends A, Thum C, Tushev G, Kretchmer F, Tosches MA, Laurent G. (2022) -  "Molecular diversity and evolution of neuron types in the amniote brain" - Science 377 (6610)

Deryckere A*, Woych J*, Jaeger ECB, Tosches MA. (2022) - "Molecular diversity of neuron types in the salamander amygdala and implications for amygdalar evolution" - Brain behavior and evolution doi: 10.1159/000527899

Tosches MA (2021) – “Different origins for similar brain circuits” – Science 371, Feb 12 (6530): 676-677

Norimoto H, Fenk L, Li H-H., Tosches MA, Gallego-Flores T, Hain D, Reiter S, Kobayashi R, Macias A, Arends A, Klinkmann M, Laurent G (2020) – "A claustrum in reptiles and its role in slow-wave sleep" – Nature 578: 413–418 

Tosches MA, Laurent G (2019) – “Evolution of neuronal identity in the cerebral cortex” – Current Opinion in Neurobiology 56: 199-208

Tosches MA, Yamawaki TM, Naumann RK, Jacobi A, Tushev G, Laurent G (2018) – “Evolution of pallium, hippocampus and cortical cell types revealed by single-cell transcriptomics in reptiles” – Science 360 (6391): 881-888

Tosches MA (2017) – “Developmental and genetic mechanisms of neural circuit evolution” – Developmental Biology 431(1): 16-25

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