Laura Duvall

Laura Duvall

Research Interest

Short Research Description

Regulation of innate behavior in blood-feeding arthropods

Representative Publications

Duvall LB, Ramos-Espiritu L, Barsoum KE, Glickman JF, Vosshall LB. (2019) Small-Molecule Agonists of Ae. aegypti Neuropeptide Y Receptor Block Mosquito Biting. Cell. 176(4): 687-701. PMID: 30735632

Duvall LB, Basrur NS, Molina H, McMeniman CJ, Vosshall LB. (2017) A peptide signaling system that rapidly enforces paternity in the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Curr Biol. 27(23):3734-3742. PMID: 29174895