Hannah Mathilde Munby

Hannah Mathilde Munby

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Previous Institution: University of Cambridge

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I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2019 with a BA in Natural Sciences (specialising in Zoology) and an MSci in Systems Biology. During my undergraduate career I conducted research in Prof. Chris Jiggins’ group investigating the population genetics of a male-killing bacterium in Danaus chrysippus butterflies using a combination of molecular and sequencing techniques.
For my master thesis, and subsequently as a Research Assistant, I worked in Prof. Richard Durbin’s group. Here I used large datasets of whole-genome sequences from the Lake Malawi cichlid fish radiation to study speciation, the genetics underlying variation in phenotypes, and the evolution of sex determining loci.

During my PhD studies at Columbia I hope to continue researching topics in population genetics and evolutionary genomics, primarily using computational approaches.