Abhishek Hariharan Iyer

Abhishek Hariharan Iyer

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Previous Institution: Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur

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Hi! I'm Abhishek (uh-be-shake). My past research experience has mostly been in computational biology, however I have dipped my toes in experimental structural biology, molecular biology and biophysical chemistry. At the Indian institute of Technology Kanpur, I studied the role of various non-covalent interactions in protein stability and focused on fluoride channels. Since then, I have been working on cancer genomics and deep sequencing at TCS Innovations lab, India.

At Columbia, I hope to pursue research in computational genomics while continuing to explore the various biophysical and experimental techniques that fascinate me. Ideally I would like to work on building new methods and techniques to solve challenging biological questions.

Outside academics, I enjoy biking, hiking, table tennis, Dota2 and anime. Feel free to reach out!