Narmin Tahirova is pictured.
PhD Graduate Student
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(212) 854-4539
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Previous Institution: University of Nebraska Lincoln

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Hello reader,

I was born in Baku Azerbaijan, lived in Taiwan for 2.5 years, and was raised in Japan since kindergarten. My science inspirations are my parents, who are brilliant structural biologists. During high school, I moved from Japan to Nebraska, and completed my undergrad in biology at University of Nebraska Lincoln (GO Huskers!)

During high school and college, I studied hormone receptor mediated signaling pathways that lead to breast cancer. After graduation, I studied intercellular signaling using PDMS based nanowell devices at MIT. I focused on tumor-immune cell interactions, as well as functional heterogeneity within tumors. My encounter of patients with neurodegenerative diseases during one of my volunteer works has sparked my interest in neuroscience. During my Ph.D. at Columbia University, I would like to focus on topics like neuronal circuit formation, growth and decay, and neuropathology.

When I have free time I like to be outside (biking, running, discovering beautiful places, tennis, etc). I love flowers and greens, so I have 8 happy plants living in my room. When the weather is apocalyptic, I like to put on classical music, cook up some good food and oil paint.

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