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Cell motility, motor molecules, integrin-cytoskeleton interactions

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Force-dependent Signaling 
The morphology of cells, organs and whole organisms is determined by the generation of forces on the immediate environment, which is either extracellular matrix or adjacent cells. We are currently engaged in studies to understand the detailed molecular mechanisms involved in a variety of phenomena from fertilization to brain function. Further, we are developing several new tools and protocols for measuring and applying forces at the molecular level, which are revealing many new aspects of how cells can both generate and respond to external forces. 

Cell spreading, force generation and rigidity sensing 
We have an effort underway to define quantitatively the steps involved in cell adhesion to and spreading on a matrix-coated surface. During spreading, the cell continuously tests the rigidity of the surface by applying forces to it via integrin adhesions at the cell edge. How cells develop forces, and how these forces are used to sense and transmit rigidity signals are both unknown. Our focus is on analyses of the steps in building the machinery used by fibroblasts to sense and transmit rigidity signals. We are using nanofabricated surfaces to track the recruitment of proteins to nascent adhesions and determine which proteins are essential for adhesion assembly and force production. We are also combining elastic micropillars together with high-speed microscopy to study the kinetics of force production on different rigidities. Using a variety of mouse fibroblast cell lines that are missing critical proteins will enable us to generate a working model of the process of cell spreading and force generation that is consistent with previous studies as well as our findings. 

Mechanosensing in myofibrillogenesis 
The aim of our research is to understand how cells assemble a force sensing machinery to probe the local microenvironment. The machinery is based on actomyosin arrays, which are connected to the substrate via surface receptors. We are investigating which proteins guide the assembly of the actin filaments that are formed from the surface receptors in the context of early cell spreading and during the initial steps of muscle differentiation. To answer these questions, we fabricate substrates with defined patterns and rigidities and analyze protein localization with highest spatial and temporal resolution. 

Mechanotransduction at the immunological synapse 
We have a collaborative effort underway to define quantitatively the steps involved in the formation of the immunological synapse between a T cell and an antigen presenting cell. Our aim is to understand how receptor-ligand interactions at the immunological synapse trigger adhesion, migration, and ultimately activation of naïve T cells. We are investigating the role of several candidate molecules as mechanosensors at the immunological synapse. Supported planar bilayers mimicking antigen presenting cells allow us to study early molecular events of immunological synapse formation with a high spatial and temporal resolution.

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NanoMedicine Center

Mechanobiology Institute

Representative Publications: 
  • Lynch CD, Lazar AM, Iskratsch T, Zhang X, Sheetz MP (2013) Endoplasmic spreading requires coalescence of vimentin intermediate filaments at force-bearing adhesions. Mol Biol Cell24(1): 21-30.
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