PhD Graduate Student
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Previous Institution: Imperial College London

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I graduated with a double BSc in Biophysics and Genetics in 2014 and I then joined Imperial
College London for an Msc in Molecular Medicine. As an undergraduate, I focused on two broad
fields, namely radiological biophysics and epigenetics of cancer. I studied various effects of low-dose
ionizing radiation on cells and how this type of radiation influences cytotoxicity and cell-to-cell
signaling. My other research focus, as an undergraduate, was cancer epigenetics and I worked on
specific epigenetic biomarkers for prostate cancer and their bioinformatic analysis. Continuing my
research as a graduate student I worked in the field of immunochemistry with the main focus on the
cytokine signaling.

I am fascinated with the idea of combining biophysical and biochemical analysis in order to
better understand complex biological processes and disease mechanisms. Such a multidisciplinary
approach can offer new applications in regenerative medicine, pharmacology and pharmacogenomics.
It is very important to me that the research would have real-life applications and could benefit the
common goal of finding better disease management strategies and improved therapies. Thus, I am very
excited to be joining the scientific community of Columbia University.

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