2014-2019 Student Prize Awardees

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 11:15

John S. Newberry Prize: Hakhamesh Mostafavi
Peter Sajovic Memorial Prize: Emily Bayer
James Howard McGregor Award: Carla Hoge, Hannah Dayton and Marina Smiley
Charles A. Huebschman Prize: Rahim Hashim
Chinweike Okegbe Memorial Award: Gillie Ben-Chorin and Justin Benavidez

John S. Newberry Prize: Guy Amster and Niyo Kato
Peter Sajovic Memorial Prize: Shuting Han
James Howard McGregor Award: Sarah Finkelstein and Bryan Wang
Charles A. Huebschman Prize: Hannah Dayton
Chinweike Okegbe Memorial Award: Lisa Kahl and Susan Newcomb

John S. Newberry Prize: Amy Norovich
Peter Sajovic Memorial Prize: Erin Conlon
New York Community Trust: Yuval Simons
James Howard McGregor Award: Catherine O'Keefe, Justin Shaffer, and Divya Venkatesh
Charles A. Huebschman Prize: Yuriy Shymkiv

2015-2016    Peter Sajovic Memorial Prize: Chaogu Zheng
John S. Newberry Prize: Philip Choi
James Howard McGregor Award: Lisa Kahl
Charles A. Huebschman Prize: Shuting Han and Claire Everett  

2014-2015    John S. Newberry Prize: Jacob Levine for his work in Dana Pe'er's lab on the identification of cellular states from high‐dimensional single‐cell data.
Peter Sajovic Memorial Prize: Daniel Hu for his work in Richard Vallee's lab on the role of microtubule motors in neural stem cells during brain development.
James Howard McGregor Award: Vincent FitzPatrick and Yu‐Cheng Lin.

2013-2014    John S. Newberry Prize: Dahzi Tan for his work in Liang Tong's lab on the structure of RNA processing complexes.
James Howard McGregor Award: Jeanyoung Jo.
Charles A. Huebschman Prize: Charlotte Barkan.
Peter Sajovic Memorial Prize: Bo Chen for his cryo-EM studies in Joachim Frank's lab (with Ruben Gonzalez as co-mentor) on ribosomal and protein translation mechanisms.



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