Topics in Biology: Methods in Biological Research
Spring 2014
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5:40pm - 6:55pm
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Course Description 
Prerequisites: One year of General Chemistry and one semester of Introductory Biology c2005 (or an equivalent), or the instructor´s permission. Basic knowledge of Organic Chemistry or prior research experience are helpful but not required. This is a 1-credit discussion course designed for students who have learned the basics of biology and wish to better familiarize themselves with the modern tools of biology research. This course will serve as a good preparation for upper-level biology courses, as well as for independent research work. Topics covered include: Methods in biochemical analysis (manipulations and measurements of proteins, nucleic acid, and other relevant molecules/structures), genetic analysis, cell biology, and various microscopy techniques. The course meets once a week, and emphasizes group work and student discussion. Students will be exposed to primary literature and current research, and will learn how to read and analyze it critically, as well as suggest solutions to new problems based on the methods discussed. Interested students will be asked to provide information about relevant course work, and a brief description of why they are interested in the course. 

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