Independent Biological Research
Fall 2015
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Prerequisites: Concurrent with registering for this course, a student must register with the department, provide a written invitation from a mentor and submit a research proposal; details of this procedure are available on the Internet at Corequisites: BIOL W3600 required in the spring for students who have not previously taken W3500. Up to 4 points of letter-grade credit may be used toward the major. Independent study, faculty-supervised laboratory projects in contemporary biology. A paper summarizing results of the work is required by the last day of finals for a letter grade; no late papers will be accepted. NEW for SPRING 2014: There are two recitations times for the course, Wednesdays at 5 PM and Thursdays at 5 PM, each for 60-90 minutes. You must sign up for one of these times and be present at most sessions (details will be announced during the course). These sessions will be used primarily for student presentations. They will not meet every week but as announced during the course. (If you have a conflict with both of these times, you must write to Dr. Prywes with detailed reasoning to ask for an exemption. Exemptions will only be granted for required course conflicts.) New for Spring 2015, students must register for a recitation section, BIOL W3510.

This is an independent study course, see recitations BIOL W3510, sections 1 and 2.  There is no meeting time and day for W3500.

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