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Fall 2019
BIOL GR6002 Grad Core II: Macromolecular Structural Interaction
BIOL GR6201 Advanced Genetics and Development
BIOL GR6201 The Central Dogma: Mechanisms and Regulation
BIOL GR9301 Pre-Research Seminar
BIOL GR9500 Supervised Individual Research
BIOL GU4001 Advanced Genetic Analysis
BIOL GU4004 Neurobiology I: Cellular & Molecular
BIOL GU4022 Developmental Biology
BIOL GU4034 Biotechnology
BIOL GU4041 Cell Biology
BIOL GU4160 Biotechnology Law
BIOL GU4200 Biopharmaceutical Development & Regulation
BIOL GU4260 Proteomics Laboratory
BIOL GU4300 Drugs and Disease
BIOL GU4323 Biophysical Chemistry I
BIOL GU4500 Supervised Research
BIOL GU4501 Biochemistry I: Structure/Metabolism
BIOL GU4501 Supervised Research
BIOL GU4600 Cell Signaling
BIOL UN1908 First Year Seminar in Modern Biology
BIOL UN2005 Introductory Biology I: Biochemisty, Genetics, Molecular Biology
BIOL UN2016 Introductory Biology I - Recitation
BIOL UN2401 Contemporary Biology I: Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology
BIOL UN2501 Contemporary Biology Lab
BIOL UN3004 Neurobiology I: Cellular & Molecular
BIOL UN3006 General Physiology
BIOL UN3022 Developmental Biology
BIOL UN3034 Biotechnology
BIOL UN3041 Cell Biology
BIOL UN3052 Project Lab - Molecular Genetics
BIOL UN3300 Biochemistry
BIOL UN3404 Antimicrobial Resistance
BIOL UN3500 Independent Biological Research
BIOL UN3501 Biochemistry I: Structure/Metabolism
BIOL UN3510 Independent Biological Research - Recitation
BIOL UN3511 Biochemistry I: Structure/Metabolism - Recitation
BIOL UN3560 Evolution in the Age of Genomics

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