Hoyon Kim

Hoyon Kim

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Previous Institution: University of California, Berkeley

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My name is Hoyon, and I am from Korea. However, I spent half of my life outside my home country. I had gone to an international school in Hokkaido, Japan for five years before I went to UC Berkeley for my undergraduate study in Molecular and Cell Biology. Afterwards, I worked at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) for a year, and we just submitted a manuscript on tetracycline resistance gene transfer of Chlamydia suis. Previously, I had worked in two other genetic laboratories as an undergraduate lab assistant.

My primary research interests lie in developmental genetics of microbial organisms, such as Chlamydia. During my experience at CHORI, I learned that microorganisms like Chlamydia, too, have complex developmental process that is not quite understood. I would like to investigate which genetic interactions determine the developmental phases of microorganism. I am also interested in developmental biology and genetics in general.