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PhD Graduate Student
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(212) 854 6951
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Previous Institution: Drew University

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I went to Drew University and graduated in the class of 2010 as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major with a French minor. Previous experience in a laboratory environment includes a pharmacology lab at New York Medical College and research in a yeast genetics lab at Drew University. I am particularly interested in cancer biology, genetics, and structural biology. In my undergraduate career I took courses focusing on molecular pathways and mechanisms because I appreciate their cause and consequence variability. Yet I am looking forward to diversifying my knowledge and am very open to new possibilities. 

After working at a nursing home for seven years I have seen some of the most crippling disorders and sicknesses. This has helped inspire me to want to understand the cause of these diseases and not fear the disease itself. Ultimately I would like to work in academia to head my own lab and inspire young minds to become passionate about the sciences. I am very excited to attend Columbia University because of its academics and its location. Living in New York City is a dream come true for me because it is the epicenter of culture and knowledge. Growing up in Westchester, I would always escape to the city to see some new Broadway show or try a Top Chef restaurant. Even though I am a local girl, I love to travel and would like to continue exploring the world.

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Department of Biological Sciences
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