Yu-Cheng Lin is pictured.
PhD Graduate Student
Short Research Description: 

Previous Institution: National Taiwan University

Full Research Description: 

Hi! I'm from Taiwan. I graduated from Taiwan University with a master degree in microbiology. My previous research experience is mainly in the field of microbial photobiology. During my master research, I became the first person to identify phototaxis ofHaloarcula marismortui, which combines microbiological selection, light microscopy and computerized algorithm for trajectory analysis (de novo development of an Excel-VBA program). In addition, I also studied spectral property and photochemical kinetics of a class of photoreceptors called bacteriorhodopsin, from which I gained experiences in molecular cloning, protein purification, crystallography and spectroscopy (flash-induced absorption spectrophotometer).

 I always like to delve into complex phenomena, and see if there's any hidden rule behind what we see. Specifically speaking, my research interest resides in biological phenomena at the nanometer scale, such as supramolecular complex and intracellular membrane structure - things which are larger than a protein but smaller than a cell. Or more broadly, I'm fascinated by all the self-organizing patterns and complex structures observed in the nature.

For leisure time, I play a little bit finger-style acoustic guitar. I also enjoy running at the riverside of Taipei and New York. My best way of exploring a city is through running with my own legs.

 Some people asked me why I choose science as a career, given that I used to be a dentist in Taiwan (I had my undergraduate in dental school of Taiwan University). I would say it's because I want to pursue something purer. And most importantly, I believe life is enriched by sharing. I really love the open-minded and cooperative atmosphere here in Columbia!

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