PhD Graduate Student
Short Research Description: 

Previous Institutions: Imperial College & M.I.T.

Full Research Description: 

Prior to Columbia, Sean was a cofounder at LENS Inc, an augmented reality startup developing contact lenses capable of pushing text to a user's field of view, and Blingtec, a wearable device jewelry company that sought to create timeless, fashionable cases for wearable devices. He also worked as a software developer at Oracle Corporation, creating unified archives that could deploy cloud-enabled databases in a virtual zone and web-based applications that enabled user-friendly visualization of Oracle Supercluster system features. 

Sean previously worked in the Neural Coding lab of Dr Simon Schultz at Imperial College London developing new methods for complex spike classification in the cerebellum. Prior to his Master's work, Sean studied optogenetic interrogation of the amygdala-hippocampal circuit and  contributed to the automated patch clamping device developed in Dr. Ed Boyden's Synthetic Neurobiology Group at MIT. As a SENS Summer Research Fellow at the Buck Institute of Aging, Sean also characterized therapeutic effects of lithium as a tentative treatment to Parkinson's disease. 

Sean is driven to develop transformative technologies that redefine what it means to be human. He believes that innovation occurs through interdisciplinary dialogue, both within academia and outside of it, and seeks to facilitate interactions that drive creation. His three broad research focus areas include: 

1. Mapping biological systems to accelerate discovery in neurotechnology and regenerative biology 

2. Evolving existing human computer interfaces to transform how humans communicate between their physical reality and digital reality. 

3. Discovering new materials that will act as better substrates for improved energy harvesting

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