Pre-approved elective courses for Biology PhD students


Anatomy G5101 Cell Biology of Tissues and Organs  
Anatomy G8010 Introduction to Endocrinology  
Anatomy-Biochem G4015 Neuronal Development & Synaptogenesis  
Anatomy-Physiol. M6106 Neural Science  
Biochemistry G4250 Molecular Biophysics   
Biochemistry G6020 Advanced Biochemistry  
Biochemistry G6045 Membrane receptors and transport proteins  
Biochemistry G6270 NMR spectroscopy of macromolecules  
Biochemistry G6275 Diffraction Analysis of Macromolecules  
Biochemistry G6300 Biochemistry/Molecular Biol I  
Biochemistry G6301 NMR spectorscpy/Macromolecules  
Biochemistry G6310 Molecular Biology of the Visual System  
Biology & Chemistry G4312x Chemical Biology   
Biology UN3404 ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE New in Fall 2018
Biology G4001/G9002 Introduction to Neural Development  
Biology G4008x Advanced Seminar in Neurobiology   
Biology G4011 Neural Systems: Circuits in the Brain  
Biology GU4031 Genetics  
Biology GU4035x Seminar in Epigenetics  
Biology G4044 Advanced Topics in Cell Biology   
Biology G4045y Seminar in Cell Biology  
Biology G4048 Genetic Approaches to Cell and Develomental Biology  
Biology G4054 Mammalian Cell Genetics  
Biology (Phys) G4075 Biology at Physical Extremes  
Biology W4077 Survey in Molecular and Cellular Biology: Cellular Stress Responses  
Biology G4095 Chemical Genomics Note: This is a half-semester course and counts as one half course.
Biology G4260y Proteomics Laboratory  
Biology GR4310  Virology  
Biology G9007 Special topics in neurobiology  
Biology W4004 Neurobiology I: Cellular & Molecular Update 4/2018: Biol W4004 and GR6005 individually count as one elective each
Biology GR6005 (formerly W4005) Neuroscience II: Development & Systems
Biology W4008 The Cellular Physiology of Disease  
Biology W4028 Computer Models in Biology  
Biology W4037 Bioinformatics of Gene Expression  
Biology W4041 Readings-Molecular Bio-Cancer  
Biology W4065 Molecular Biology of Disease  
Biology GU4080 Ancient and Modern RNA Worlds New in Spring 2018
Biology GU4290 Biological Microscopy New in Spring 2018
Biology W4400 Biological Networks  
Biology GU4510 (formerly CHBC W4510) Molecular Systems Biology  
Biology GU4560 (formerly W4560/W3560) Evolutionary Biology in the Age of Genomics  
Biology GU4600 Cell Signaling New in Fall 2018
Biology GU4799 Molecular biology of cancer  
Biology GR6560 Human Evolutionary Genetics  
Biology GR6201 Advanced Genetics and Development New in Fall 2017
Biology GU4080 The Ancient and Modern RNA Worlds New in Spring 2018
Biology GU4290 Biological Microscopy New in Spring 2018
Biomedical Informatics G4001 Introduction To Computer Applications In Health Care & Biomedicine  
Biomedical Informatics G4013 Biological Sequence Analysis  
Biomedical Informatics G4014 Computational Biology  
Biomedical Informatics G4016 Stat Issues in Microarray Data  
Biomedical Informatics G4017 Deep Sequencing  
Cell Biology G4150 Prokaryotic Molecular Biology  
Cell Biology G4152 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology  
Cell Biology G4170 Biophysical Chemistry  
Cell Biology G4250 Molecular biophysics  
Cell Biology G4712 Bio-Organic Topics  
Cellular Molecular Biophysics  G4010 Responsible conduct of research and related issues  
Cellular Molecular Biophysics G4020 Biological Sequence Analysis  
Cellular Molecular Biophysics G4150 Molecular Genetics  
Cellular Molecular Biophysics G4350 Cellular membranes and organelles.  
Cellular Molecular Biophysics G6301 Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology II  
CHBC (Chemistry-Biology-Computer Science) W4510 Molecular Systems Biology  
Computer Science W4995 Computational Genomics  
Electrical Engineering E4060 Intro to Genomic Information Science and Technology   
Electrical Engineering E6010 Systems biology: design principles for biological circuits  
Electrical Engineering: Biomedical E6020 Methods of Computational Neuroscience  
Electrical Engineering E6084  TOPICS IN SYSTEMS BIOLOGY: Proteomic Biomarker Discovery from Analysis of Mass-spectroscopic Data  
Genetics and Devt. G4005 Introduction to Mathematical Genetics  
Genetics and Devt. G4005 Introduction to mathematical genetics.  
Genetics and Devt. G4027 Principles of developmental biology  
Genetics and Devt. G4050 Advanced Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics   
Genetics and Devt. G4051 METHDS IN GENETICS & DEVELPMNT  
Genetics and Devt. G4502 Genetic Approaches II  
Genetics and Devt. G4502 Methds in Genetics & Developmnt  
Genetics and Devt. G6210-11 Genetic approaches to biological problems  
Genetics and Devt. G6211 Genetic Approaches to Biological Problems  
Genetics G4027 Mammalian Devel. Biology  
Genetics G4050  Advanced Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics  
Genetics G4500 Cellular & Molecular biology of Cancer  
Genetics G4600 Genomics  
Genetics G4600 Genomics  
Microbiology G4020 Immunology  
Microbiology G4020 Introduction to Immunology  
Microbiology G4120 Intro To Computational Biology  
Microbiology G6001 Biology of Bacteria & Mammalian Cells  
Microbiology G6021 Virology  
Microbiology G6050 Advanced Microbiology  
Microbiology G6056 Advanced Topics in Microbiology  
Neurobiology & Behavior G4007 Synaptic Transmission  
Neurobiology & Behavior G4100 Biology of Neurologic and Psychiatric Disorders  
Neurobiology & Behavior G4300 Systems Neurophysiology/ Modeling  
Neurobiology & Behavior G4360 Theoretical Neuroscience  
Neurobiology &Behavior G9002 Intro to Neural Development  
Neurobiology & Behavior G9010 Neural Bases of Behaviors:  Neuroethological Approaches  
Pathology G4500 Cellulr/Moleculr Biolgy Cancer  
Pathology G6003  Mechanisms of Human Disease   
Pathology G6004 Mechanisms in Human Disease II  
Pathology G6100 Stem Cells & Lineage Specific  
Patho-Physiol. G6003 Pathobiology  
Pharmacology G4600 Mol Pharm: FR Membrane-Nucleus  
Pharmacology G4600 Structure & function of Membrane Channels  
Pharmacology G4600 Structure and function of membrane channels  
Pharmacology G8001 Principles of Systems Pharmacology   
Physiology G4007 Molecular mechanisms in synaptic transmission   
Physiology G4010 Neurobiology of Behavior  
Public Health P6103  Biostatistics   
Public Health P6310  Principles of Molec. Biology   
Public Health P8308  Molecular Toxicology   
Statistics W4240 Data Mining  
Statistics G8285 Statistical Analysis of Neural Data  
G16.4408 Cryoelectron Microscopy of Macromolecular Assemblies  offered at NY Structural Biology Center and NYU School of Medicine

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